A Pre-Thanksgiving Surprise

As authors, we hope and pray and cross our fingers for good book reviews, and we take a big gulp and promise we’ll learn and do better next time when the review is less than favorable. So when I submitted Scent of Triumph to a review by a well-known blogger–and author–I admire, well, you get the drift. Fingers were definitely crossed.

Fortunately, Rachelle Ayala loved Scent of Triumph, and she even wanted more. She wrote: “I didn’t want this book to end. Danielle is a heroic woman who triumphs over grief, loss and tragedy. She always had a sense of honor and the will to do the right thing even when circumstances were against her.” Read more here on Rachelle’s Window blog.

While you’re there, check out Rachelle Ayala’s books and blog, too.  She’s a real credit to the book biz and great author in her own right.

And so, I liked to say thank you, Rachelle.  Your opinion means a lot, but most of all, I’m simply glad that I could entertain you for a few hours.

Now, back to preparing for the Thanksgiving feast….anyone want a killer banana nut bread recipe?

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