What’s the best measurement for success? Try happiness!

When I was watching the last summer Olympics, I learned that the Bhutanese have a Minister for Happiness. Really. It seems this point also caught the eye of Richard Branson, one of my favorite fellow entrepreneurs, who is known for having fun, doing good, and making scads of money.

But, he insists, money is a by-product of pursuing and realizing one’s more personal, meaningful goals, such as those centered around happiness and well-being.

Wouldn’t life be grand if we all focused on “gross national happiness” like Bhutan? Maybe we can. Start small, start with you. Start today.

So, how do you measure success?

6 thoughts on “What’s the best measurement for success? Try happiness!

  1. My boss just went to Bhutan and she said the people there really are very happy- it’s not just a tourism selling point. Thanks for sharing this- I totally need to start focusing more on being content.

  2. Jan,

    I have read about studies that measured happiness on a national level. The happiest people were not usually the ones with the most money or the most stuff. In fact, as I recall, the happiest people were those who led pretty simple lives.


  3. Sadly, I think this means I’m even less successful than I once believed. I was measuring my writing success by number of reads which I extrapolate from copies sold. I was measuring my career (outside writing) success by the number of discoveries or studies completed and meaningful information disseminated. My family success is probably the most nebulous and the most scored purely on ‘happiness’ and even there, these days, I’m not very happy. I just can’t use it as a meter because my depression deflates the number in every area

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