Pizza Hut Perfume for Your Holiday Gift List. Really?

Pizza Hut perfume

Pizza Hut perfume

I admit it, I love pizza for breakfast. Now Pizza Hut has one-upped me with an Eau de Pizza. Imagine, the aroma of melting mozzarella cheese, crispy crust, aged pepperoni…on your neck?

Maybe it’s an aphrodisiac. Maybe for the bowling league. Not that I have anything against bowling; I rather enjoy a good game, actually. And a really, really good slice.

But before you get your hopes up about finding this little gem under your holiday tree or shrub, I have to break the bad news–only 110 bottles were made, and they were snapped up in minutes on Pizza Hut’s facebook.  Probably on ebay by now, if you’re really serious.

Now, here’s where I need your help. As some of you might recall, I know a thing or two about perfume. So, if we were going to blend a pizza perfume, would you want this to be a New York pizza or a Chicago pizza? Frankly, my husband is weighing in in favor of Detroit pizza. Primo’s square dish, to be exact. Me? I’m a basil and pesto fan, I’m down for Leucadia Pizza’s shrimp-garlic-pesto in Encinitas, or maybe one of the Margherita pizza I’ve met.

What’s your favorite? New Yorkers, that means you. I’m heading there again soon and need some fresh recommendations.

And if you find a bottle of Pizza Hit perfume, let me know.

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