How Entrepreneurs Think – Advice from Forbes and Mike Maddock, The Idea Monkey

Jay GatsbyOver the years I’ve noticed that entrepreneurs make resolutions in a different manner. Rather than saying, “I want to make a million dollars, or, I want to write a book, or, I want to lose twenty pounds,” the successful entrepreneur states the mission, then quickly sets about outlining a tactical plan to accomplish the goal. In other words, they simply get to work.

This year, learn to think like an entrepreneur.

For example, I read an interesting article from Mike Maddock, a self-described Idea Monkey. His article for Forbes highlighted these points:

#1 Spend more time on the not-to-do list
#2 Essential first, email second
#3 Resolve to think about “Who” instead of “What”
#4 Resolve to find your purpose
#5 Resolve to support a cause
#6 Resolve to invent more choices
#7 Resolve to find a Yin for your Yang
#8 Resolve to get outside your jar
#9 Resolve to be the creator
#10 Plan vacations (now)

What are my favorite advice points from the list? Here goes: First off, we’ve all learned to check email at 10:00 and 3:00 pm, but do we really adhere to that? If not, get back on track.

Number seven on the list: A Yin for your Yang is great advice for the entrepreneur looking for a partner or partners.

Number nine mean stop complaining, and start solving the problem. Or kick it to the curb and focus on the twenty percent that really counts.

Finally, as many of us are winding down our year end holidays, have you booked your next holiday? CEOs and entrepreneurs need regular recharging to function at full throttle in between breaks. Don’t kid yourself on number ten from the list. Frequent scheduled breaks will improve your mental clarity and you’ll be more effective overall.

Whether you’re a CEO, an entrepreneur, an author-preneur, or you simply have a goal, why not take these tips to heart.

Read the rest of Mike’s list on Forbes now, or check out Mike’s book, The Idea Monkey, on Amazon now.

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