A Success Fitness Survey: 13 Little Things You’re Doing to Sabotage Your Success

PencilWhether you’re an entrepreneur, intra-preneur, or author-preneur, why not sharpen your pencil and do a quick bit of soul-searching today to start the new year off right. In our quest for success, it’s easy to overlook habits that might cause distractions. Take this success fitness survey to see how you measure up.

Thanks to Brent Beshore, founder and CEO of AdVentures, for these thirteen nuggets to avoid. The checklist below will help keep yourself honest. Need more guidance? See Brent’s blog on Forbes.

  1. Poor Grammar
  2. Flaky McFlakerson
  3. Quick Sale
  4. Talking Crap
  5. Over-promising
  6. Not My Fault
  7. Lack of Patience
  8. Pretend Motives
  9. Without Intention
  10. Overcommitting
  11. Complication
  12. Subtraction by Addition
  13. B.S.

6 thoughts on “A Success Fitness Survey: 13 Little Things You’re Doing to Sabotage Your Success

  1. Jan,

    All 13 are easy to fall into and just as easy to avoid. A little forethought would be invaluable.

    Take a look at yourself from another person’s point of view. What do they/you see?


  2. So true! “Flaky McFlakerton”, LOL. Like Marc says above, we should try to see ourselves as others see us. Would we want to build a business relationship with us? Over-committing is something I’m guilty of. I do too much, then I get overwhelmed and things start to slide. Thanks for posting!

    • Indeed. I used to make all kinds of commitments (always with the best intentions) that were mostly impossible to keep. I learned it is easier to say “no” right away than to explain your failure later on.

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