8 Ways to Revamp Your Life – via Forbes

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Revamping your life? When it’s time for reinvention–whether forced or by choice–consider following a process. Entrepreneurs do it, celebrities do it, so why not you? Self-reinvention can occur at any time in your life. The key is to have a revamp plan.

ForbesWoman contributor Cheryl Isaac writes about changing courses in a recent article. The question at hand is how do you find time to take a break to reinvent yourself–or your brand–without abandoning your brand or platform and its followers? Useful information for entrepreneurs, authors, and anyone looking to reinvigorate their career.

I’ve been in this situation more than once, and Cheryl’s advice is good. Here’s the short version; be sure to visit Forbes for the entire article:

Lesson #1: Be open to temporarily “bumming it.”

Lesson #2: Work your brand.

Lesson #3: Be open to ridicule.

Lesson #4: Use parallelisms to turn years of knowledge into something useful.

Lesson #5: Don’t be afraid to start over.

Lesson #6: Be patient. Reinvention takes time.

Lesson #7: Use your free time to work on your plan.

Lesson #8: Revamp your brand by using a modernistic-classic approach.

To read the entire article, click through here: http://www.forbes.com/sites/worldviews/2013/02/05/8-ways-to-revamp-your-life-like-celebrities/

7 thoughts on “8 Ways to Revamp Your Life – via Forbes

  1. These are very positive, constructive suggestions and duly noted in the days and weeks ahead. Some of these I must work on amongst other things. Thanks.

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