Dear Twitter: The Value of Saying Hello or Thanks is Priceless

In recent news, Twitter is placing a value on tweets. Make the content grade? You’ll get a high mark. Say “nice to meet you,” “hello,” or “thanks?” That’s the equivalent of a Twitter ding letter. Agree? Not me. In today’s automated world, the value of saying “hello” or “thanks” is priceless.

Gandhi in San Francisco saying helloIf you live part of your life online–as most of us do today–we don’t always have the time to react or reach out. Sure, we’d like to; I’d like to do everything perfectly every day. But no one can. Family, parents, children, work, worship, friends, saving for retirement, flossing, recycling, medical emergencies, exams, flat tires, and real tragedies and triumphs. All of this takes up a lot of space in the day, right? It’s called life. And when a real person takes a moment out of that to greet another real person in the digital domain, should that be devalued? To me, it means a lot. But to Twitter, not so much.

Engineers, I love you guys, you make all the whatcha-ma-call-its run, but have a heart. Should everything be rated and valued?

Ironic, isn’t it, that a platform developed to help folks keep in touch via snippets of 140 words or less, should devalue the little courtesies. On Twitter, “you had me at hello” may just be a thing of the past.

Here’s more reading on the topic from my friends at Masahble:

10 thoughts on “Dear Twitter: The Value of Saying Hello or Thanks is Priceless

  1. Jan – Thanks to engineers and developers who get a little too slick.

    All we need to do now is to figure out how to game the system. If they are going to be using some kinds of metrics and data to provide rankings, rankings will become important to some folks, and some folks will figure out how to gain the highest rank.

    What happens when you wring the last bits of humanity out of the platform?

    One would imagine that those who can produce the most volume and the most verbose of posts will rank highest.

    Who decided that EVERYTHING has to be measured?


  2. I’m sure nobody wants tweets about the relative merits of mint flavored dental floss. I already have Hubspot web grader telling me that I need to personalize my tweets more. Gah! I really liked this post, and will follow your blog on Networked blogs.

    • Hi Heather–sure hope we’ve progressed past that stage! But since I’m involved in the fragrance industry, I hope we never stop sniffing! Perfume is the poetry of the senses 🙂

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