Take the Chocolate Quiz! Did You Know Doctors Once Prescribed Chocolate for Broken Hearts?

Chocolate_282731Chocolate has a long reputation as an aphrodisiac. Imagine…WebMD reports that “Aztec ruler Montezuma supposedly drank a chocolate-y concoction before visiting the women in his harem…And French doctors supposedly used it to treat broken hearts.”

Check Your Choc-o-holic IQ

Can’t resist this oh-so-chocolately quiz? Well, who could? Here’s the chocolate quiz, then come back to share your score!

Here are some tidbits I found fascinating, courtesy of WebMD:

  • Dark chocolate does have more caffeine than milk chocolate. Even then, it would take four bars to give you the same buzz as one cup of regular Joe.
  • Want to give your brownies or other chocolate baked goods a little extra chocolate-y goodness? Try adding a bit of instant espresso powder — a teaspoon or less — in your next recipe. Espresso powder can ramp up the chocolate taste in cakes, brownies, and cookies without adding coffee flavor or many calories.

chocolateAnd since you’re surely famished after all that hard work, here are some fabulous chocolates to check out: The 10 Best Chocolatiers in the World for Chocolate Lovers

So, what are your favorites?

4 thoughts on “Take the Chocolate Quiz! Did You Know Doctors Once Prescribed Chocolate for Broken Hearts?

  1. Interesting. Scored 12, but got all the US cultural-specific questions wrong except for how much milk chocolate is consumed per person in the US. In Britain we eat more chocolate at Easter – Halloween doesn’t really feature

  2. What a great quiz! Thanks for sharing Jan! 🙂

    I got 12 – as a chocoholic I thought I would’ve scored higher lol, but as an Aussie I also answered some of the US specific questions wrong. I didn’t know that chocolate was prescribed for a broken heart, but I have had a dentist tell me that chocolate is better for your teeth than lollies… trouble is no one will believe me!!

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