Great News: New Book Deal Announcement! Plus, 5 Publishing Tips for Writers.


Just have to share some great news with you! Not long ago I signed on with super agent Jenny Bent, founder of The Bent Agency. This week, Jenny made a two-book deal for me with St. Martin’s Press, a Macmillan company.  

Thank you, Jenny, for seeing something in my work that made you want to share it with others.

As you might imagine, I couldn’t be happier; Jenny is such a pro, a truly lovely person and every inch the professional. Read Jenny’s announcement here.

Before this past week, whenever I read one of these announcements, I would wonder, How did she/he do it?

  1. Dedication – Some rare people might find success overnight (.00000001% perhaps), but the fact is, most of us don’t. Prepare to learn, write, listen to readers and reviewers, revise…and then do it all over again. Many, many times. My first novel received more than forty edits; the last four major, full edits were in a brief six-week time frame (during which I worked through many nights). Trust me, you’ll look back and shudder at your first attempts. But we must all start somewhere. And I’m not finished yet…
  2. Build Your Networks – Without twitter, facebook, goodreads, and other social media activity, I don’t think my work would have stood a chance. Readers have to discover you. Don’t be shy, be the first to approach someone. Want more followers? Reach out, say hello. It’s like finding friends in first grade.
  3. Get Reviewed – I know, it’s painful. We all want people to say our first baby is beautiful, but be realistic. Listen to what people say. A lot of people. If you’re open to comments, you’ll hear threads of truth. Join writer communities, such as the World Literary Cafe or The Independent Author’s Network. Make friends; help others and they’ll return the favor. Reviews and sales, which comes first? It’s like the proverbial chicken and the egg.
  4. Take a Chance – I took a deep breath and choose to self-publish first. Was it perfect the first time out of the chute? Heck, no! Even after countless edits and beta readers, I still misspelled “lightning” on page 9. (I blame my beauty industry background for using “lightening” instead.) Sigh. We’re always learning, but we have to put it out there at some point. And I sure learned why the book hadn’t sold before.
  5. Be Professional – With everything! Spend the money to produce quality work. Hire excellent cover artists, proofreaders, editors. Keep listening and learning. And take “no” graciously. Behind every “no” lurks a “yes” somewhere else.

These are the first steps I’ve taken on this path. There’s a long path still ahead. I’ll keep learning and sharing. But I’m proud of my Indie roots. I’m an entrepreneur. I believe in ideas. I believe in the magic of making things happen.

With or without a book deal, I’ll always be a writer, too.SCENT OF TRIUMPH

Bottom line: The publishing world is changing, and writers have more options than ever before.

Now, excuse me while I pour that glass of bubbly and celebrate! Still crossing my fingers for the holy grail of a movie deal (Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Coppola–are you listening?)  And now, back to writing…

Love to hear your thoughts! Leave a comment!

39 thoughts on “Great News: New Book Deal Announcement! Plus, 5 Publishing Tips for Writers.

    • Will do, thanks, Melissa! I owe so much to you and The World Literary Cafe–fab group! Wishing you much success; you’re on fire! Your new series looks great 🙂

  1. Congratulations! Always great to see the Crimson going strong. Jenny Bent is on the top of my list for agents to see at Thrillerfest this summer, so it’s encouraging to see that she’s picking up new talent.

  2. Jan,
    I LOVED your book! Was dismayed to learn its your first novel!!! Keep writing!!!!! I want to read 10 more by you : ). I love Danielle! Talk about a woman of force and loyalty !
    Seriously, I could not put the book down. Spellbinding, great characters, suspense, a love story ….. Couldn’t ask for a more satisfying read! Thanks !!!

  3. Congratulations, thats wonderful news. Really appreciate the little tips you’ve shared with us as well. I wish you many more successes to follow.

  4. Let me be the first (actually, the 29th) person to congratulate you, Jan. Your tips are great, particularly the one about editing. As a book blogger, I know that many would-be authors would do good to pay for quality editing.

  5. First – congratulations on your huge success and for sticking to it.

    I was just thinking today as I looked at my Manifest Method 5 yr plan, what am I dragging my feet for on getting my novel finished? Reading your post inspired me to stick to it. Loved your comment about edits too, tee hee, I’m not the least bit reluctant to have a good editor because I’m a terrible speller (and I know they do so much more). No ego here.

    Be well,

    Lani Anderson

  6. Many congratulations on all your recent literary successes Jan! So delighted to have found your lovely and inspiring blog. Looking forward to staying in touch…

  7. Anyway you can let me know when Scent of Triumph will be out by St. Martin’s Press? Looked it up on Amazon but it’s $48 – can’t afford that but do want to read it. Thanks.

    • Hello Helen, so sweet of you to ask! I’ll spread the word when the new St. Martin’s Press edition comes out, which will be next year. It’s going to have a different title: A PROMISE OF ROSES. In the meantime, you can sign up on the mailing list on my home page of (in the upper right corner). We’ll be sure to send a newsletter telling everyone where they can find it and when. (As for the Amazon vendor, it looks like the first printing has already become a collector’s edition!) Thanks for stopping by, and happy reading!

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