18 Travel Quotes to Feed Your Sense of Wanderlust

See on Scoop.it – Books Whether you’re an avid traveler, or a homebody searching for a quick escape from your daily routine, these quotes will speak to your sense of wanderlust. Jan Moran‘s insight: A few of my favorite writers weighing in on the importance of travel to them. See on mashable.com

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Hess Collection Wine Barrels

A Prescription for Wine? Really? Yes, in 1920.

Fancy a glass of wine with dinner? In 1920, you’d have to have a doctor’s prescription for that elegant indulgence. In the US, the National Prohibition Act was in force from 1920 to 1933. During a recent visit to Napa Valley, I heard some amazing stories about how winery owners survived Prohibition.  Some entrepreneurial vintners…