About Jan Moran

Author. Media Spokesperson. Business Consultant.

Jan Moran is an author for St. Martin’s Press (A Promise of Roses, 2014). She wrote Fabulous Fragrances I and II, which earned spots on the Rizzoli Bookstore bestseller list. She is represented by Jenny Bent at The Bent Agency.

As a fragrance and beauty expert, she has been featured in numerous publications and on television and radio, including CNN, Women’s Wear Daily, Allure, InStyle, and O Magazine. As an editor and writer, she has covered fragrance, beauty, and spa travel for a variety of publications such as Cosmopolitan, Costco Connection, and Porthole Cruise.

Read her latest blog posts at JanMoranWrites.com.

She is the founder and creator of Scentsa, a touch-screen software program for retailers and brands.  The fragrance and skincare programs are at Sephora stores in the US, Canada, France, Mexico, Brazil, and Denmark.  Scentsa was recently sold to Sephora.

As a speaker, consultant, and major brand/retailer spokesperson, she has spoken before numerous groups, including Fashion Group International, The Fragrance Foundation, and The American Society of Perfumers.  She has represented brands and retailers in media on behalf of several PR companies, including Edelman and DeVries. She is available for consulting, training, and speaking engagements.

She is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and the University of Texas at Austin. As an entrepreneur and former CEO and board member, she speaks on a variety of topics, including topics in the fragrance and beauty industries, technology engagement at retail, entrepreneurship, the business of writing, women in business, and other topics.

She is a member of The Author’s Guild and the RWA.

Contact Jan:

Contact Jan here.

Contact her agent, Jenny Bent.


Visit www.janmoran.com for more details.

See Jan’s LinkedIn profile and professional recommendations.

View press articles, see photos, view press releases.

Read her latest blog posts at JanMoranWrites.com.

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